Sexual Health of Prison Inmates: A Case Study of Kano Central Prison, North Western Nigeria

Umar M Lawan, Gboluwaga T Amole, Muhammad J Shuaib


Sexual and reproductive health of prison inmates suffers from serious neglect in Nigeria. This mixed method study examined prison officials and 160 inmates on prison law and administration, and sexual health of inmates. Most of the inmates examined (82.5%) reported having frequent sexual desire. Wet dreams (46.2%) and watching others' nakedness (25.0%) were the common means by which inmates manifest sexual desire. Majority relieve sexual desire through anal sex (72.0%) and masturbation (69.7%). Common forms of sexual violence observed include forceful fondling with genitalia (47.4%) and forceful insertion of finger/object in the anus (21.0%) in males and rape (15.8%) in females. All victims were younger inmates (18 – 34 years). There is a need for legislation on sexual violence and exploring the practice of conjugal visits or furloughs as practiced in some countries. (Afr J Reprod Health 2016; 20[1]: 98-103).

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