Clinical Investigations and Management of Refractive Changes in Pregnancy: A Case Report

Bernadine N Ekpenyong, Nwakuso A Aruotu, Ebele B Uzodike, Chimela G Njoku


Pregnancy also presents with ocular changes, just as it affects other non - reproductive systems of the female. It has been reported to be associated with development of new health conditions or can exacerbate pre- existing health conditions. This paper reviews the management of Mrs AA, a 41 year old pregnant woman (primigravida) with refractive changes from myopia in the first trimester, to hyperopia in the second and third trimesters of her pregnancy. A comprehensive ocular examination was performed including fundus photograph and Optical Coherent Tomography. The results revealed signs of Central Serous Chorioretinopathy in both eyes which may have been due to various hormonal changes in pregnancy with resultant changes in refractive error. These ocular changes associated with pregnancy are, most often transient in nature, though occasionally permanent. This condition therefore requires clinical observation and monitoring until the resolution of the serous detachment is complete, and vision returned back to normal. Other ocular changes that are pregnancy related were reviewed. (Afr J Reprod Health 2015; 19[4]: 107-117).

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