Case Report: Traumatic Incomplete Fracture of an Implanon NXT® Contraceptive Implant

Rebecca Howett, Alida M Gertz, Tiroyaone Kgaswanyane, Gregory Petro, Chelsea Morroni


The etonogestrel (ENG) subdermal contraceptive implant (Implanon NXT® ) is a safe and highly effective method of contraception which is increasing in popularity globally. This case report describes a 26-year-old woman who requested removal of the Implanon NXT® contraceptive implant. She reported that her implant had bent following direct trauma. The implant was removed in accordance with her request and without complication, but was noted to be incompletely fractured. We compare this case with a summary of the existing literature on fractured or damaged contraceptive implants. Structural damage detected whilst the implant is in situ is one potential complication of contraceptive implant use. The incidence of this complication and the implications for contraceptive efficacy are unknown. Damaged implants may present healthcare providers with more technically challenging ―difficult removals‖. With the scale-up of services for implant provision, consideration should be given to this issue in order to inform counselling and removal services. (Afr J Reprod Health 2019; 23[4]: 124-128).

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