Heterotopic Pregnancy with Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery at 36 Weeks and Laparotomy at Term - A Case Report

Chisara C Umezurike, Paul A Feyi-Waboso


Heterotopic pregnancy, although rare, is occurring more frequently because of an increase in genital infection and the escalating use of new reproductive technologies in infertility patients. The case of a 30-year-old para 2+1prophetess is presented. She had a spontaneous vaginal delivery at term. Persistent abdominal pain and distension led to suspicion of heterotopic pregnancy. This was confirmed by ultrasonography. Laparotomy revealed a macerated fetus in the peritoneal cavity. The purpose of this report is to sensitise practitioners about the reality and existence of the condition. (Afr J Reprod Health 2005; 9[1]: 162-165)


Keywords: Infertility, infection, laparotomy, pregnancy, heterotopic

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