Severe Obstetric Morbidity of the Third Trimester, Delivery and Early Puerperium in Niamey (Niger)

Alain Prual, Dominique Huguet, Olivier Garbin, Gomna Rabe


Epidemiological data about maternal morbidity are rare. The present study, carried out in Niamey, capital of Niger, was designed to measure the incidence of maternal morbidity among women delivering in hospital. Severe complications occured in 232 of the 4,081 deliveries during the study period (6,450/100,000 live births). Maternal morbidity ratio was 11 times higher than the maternal mortality ratio. Incidence rates of the major morbidities (per 100,000 live births) were: obstructed labour 3,614, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy 1,159, haemorrhage 855, and puerperal sepsis 220. The incidence and case fatality rates of severe complications were both high, suggesting a lack of efficiency of maternal health services in spite of a high concentration of health personnel and a large accessibility to services in Niamey. (Afr I Reprod Healthl998;2(1):10—19)

KEY WORDS: Maternal morbidity, developing countries, obstetric complications


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