The Botswana Medical Eligibility Criteria Wheel: Adapting a Tool to Meet the Needs of Botswana’s Family Planning Program

Caron R Kim, Nancy Kidula, Molly K Rammipi, Lesego Mokganya, Mary Lyn Gaffield


In efforts to strive for family planning repositioning in Botswana, the Ministry of Health convened a meeting to undertake an adaptation of the Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use (MEC) wheel.  The main objectives of this process were to present technical updates of the various contraceptive methods, to update the current medical conditions prevalent to Botswana and to adapt the MEC wheel to meet the needs of the Botswanian people.  This commentary focuses on the adaptation process that occurred during the week-long stakeholder workshop.  It concludes with the key elements learned from this process that can potentially inform countries who are interested in undergoing a similar exercise to strengthen their family planning needs. (Afr. J Reprod Health 2016; 20[2]: 9-12)

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