The Effects of a Healthy Lifestyle and of Anxiety Levels on IVF Outcomes

Güliz Onat, Yılda Arzu Aba


This study investigated effects of a healthy lifestyle and anxiety levels on in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes. This follow-up study on 102 infertile women and 66 infertile men (total: 168) was carried out at a infertility clinic in university hospital in Instanbul, Turkey. Health-Promoting-Lifestyle-Profile-II (HPLP II) and State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) instruments were used. Female participants were called following their IVF treatment to determine whether they were pregnant or not. The mean age for female respondents was 31.38±4.66; for men it was 34.22±4.34 (t:-3.96; p:0.00). Their subjects‘ infertility types were unexplained 23.8%, male factor 41.1% and female factor 24.4%. Their total HPLP-II scores were 129.21±22.33 (a range of 63-204). Their rate of pregnancy following IVF was 19%. The HPLP-II scores were upper-intermediate. Despite the State anxiety levels being moderate, the Trait anxiety levels were high. Comparison of the scales by gender was not significant. In addition, on HPLP-II and STAI scores, there were no differences between pregnant and non-pregnant women following IVF.

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