Prevalence and Correlates of Sexual abuse among Female Out-ofSchool Adolescents in Iwaya Community, Lagos State, Nigeria

Michael O. N. Kunnuji, Adenike Esiet


This study set out to document the prevalence and predictors of sexual intercourse with persons below the age of consent (statutory rape) and outright sex without consent (rape) among out-of-school adolescents in an urban slum in Lagos, Nigeria. Data gathered from a survey of 480 participants were employed. About 14% and 35% of the participants had been victims of rape and statutory rape respectively. Experience of rape was found to be a function of age and basic deprivation (Cox and Snell’s R2 of 0.060 and a Nagelkerke’s R2 of 0.108).  Another model (with a Cox and Snell’s R2 of 0.286 and a Nagelkerke’s R2 of 0.394) shows that predictors of the experience of statutory rape include age, basic deprivation, living arrangement and previous attendance of school. In view of the overarching influence of basic deprivation on the experience of sexual abuse, an intervention programme that addresses the material conditions of adolescent girls in Nigeria is recommended. (Afr J Reprod Health 2015; 19[1]: 82-90).

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Kunnuji & Esiet Sexual Abuse among Adolescent Girls

African Journal of Reproductive Health March 2015; 19 (1): 90

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