Level of awareness, attitude and perception about human papilloma virus vaccine among University of Mauritius students

Hansa KP Teeluck, Dhanush KSA Bholoa, Bibi S Keenoo


The rising number of HPV infections is of global concern. Hence, this study helps to assess awareness, attitude, and perception regarding the HPV vaccine among young people of various fields and both genders as they are equally susceptible to the infection. These are essential to prevent complications like cervical cancer. A cross-sectional quantitative study was carried out, involving online questionnaires in English, French and Kreol Morisien languages distributed on various student platforms. There was randomization of data. Participation was entirely voluntary. 58% of respondents have heard of HPV infection. Female gender and Health Sciences students were more aware of HPV infection. 68.5% of respondents reported that they think the vaccine is safe and 77 % of participants are willing to be vaccinated against HPV post the survey. Awareness about HPV infection and vaccines is relatively high among girls and Health Sciences students. Public health efforts to educate students on HPV and cervical cancer should be strengthened to help curb the rising incidence in Mauritius. Therefore, stakeholders should be proactive to address vaccine hesitancy and increase awareness of vaccine safety. Boys should also be included in the National Immunization Programme to enhance the primary prevention of HPV infection. (Afr J Reprod Health 2022; 26[12]: 41-48)

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