Teachers’ Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions for In-school Adolescents in Nigeria

Joshua O. Aransiola, Sola Asa, Patience Obinjuwa, Oluseyi Olarewaju, Olubukola O. Ojo, Adesegun O. Fatusi


High prevalence of early and unprotected sex, resulting in adverse reproductive health outcomes, has been reported among adolescents in Nigeria. While school-based sexual and reproductive health interventions for in-school adolescents is widely recognized, little is known on the kind of involvements desired by teachers and their perceptions of handling students’ reproductive health concerns. In this study, the teachers favoured school-based reproductive health education (RHE), but have divers’ opinions on what should be included in such RHE. Majority was not willing or comfortable in personal counseling of students but can teach RHE in classroom environment. They support the current approach of expelling pregnant school girls. The article advocates for gender-sensitive and developmental-oriented approaches that will ensure rehabilitation and re-integration of pregnant girls into the school system after their delivery, and recommend the need to build teachers skills and promote students-teachers dialogue in order to optimize school environment for addressing ASRH. (Afr J Reprod Health 2013; 17[4]: 84-92).

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