A CASE REPORT: Surgical Treatment of Complication of Female Genital Mutilation in Pikine Hospital, Senegal

Abdoul A. Diouf, Moussa Diallo, Aissatou Mbodj, Omar Gassama, Mamour Guèye, Jean C. Moreau, Alassane Diouf


We share our experience on reconstructive for surgery female genital mutilation. This is a retrospective study of all cases of female genital mutilation surgery performed in Pikine National Hospital. We have reviewed the various indications and surgical techniques used. We collected 8 cases of clitoral cyst and 6 cases of closed vaginal opening. The surgery of clitoral cysts was to perform cystectomy followed by nymphoplasty. The closing of the vaginal opening required defibulation together with clitoroplasty according to the wishes of the patient. The anatomical and functional outcomes were satisfactory. Female genital mutilation surgery requires a good knowledge of vulvar anatomy. The various surgical indications must meet the expectations of patients to guarantee their satisfaction. (Afr J Reprod Health 2017; 21[1]: 122-125).

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