Satisfaction Determinants of Women during Childbirth in Health Facilities in Senegal: Literature Review

Thierno S. Ball Anne, Massamba Diouf, Ibrahima Seck, Anta T. Dia


This article presents the results of the literature review performed on the main conceptual models used in the measurement of the satisfaction of women during childbirth in health facilities and the main determinants of their satisfaction. The review focused on PubMed, Google scholar and Public Health data. Several conceptual models for measuring satisfaction were found through the literature. It is clear from this review that a multitude of determinants are associated with women's satisfaction such as health care provider‘s attitude, the environment as well as the socio-demographic, economic and even psychological characteristics of the patient herself. These results were used to develop a conceptual framework for measuring the satisfaction of women who gave birth in Senegal health facilities. (Afr J Reprod Health 2017; 21[1]: 93-98).

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