Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Family Planning Services Offered by Mobile Clinics versus Static Clinics in Assiut, Egypt

Ghada S.T. Al-Attar, David Bishai, Omaima El-Gibaly


Cost effectiveness studies of family planning (FP) services are very valuable in providing evidence-based data for decision makers in Egypt. Cost data came from record reviews for all 15 mobile clinics and a matched set of 15 static clinics and interviews with staff members of the selected clinics at Assiut Governorate. Effectiveness measures included couple years of protection (CYPs) and FP visits. Incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICER) and sensitivity analyses were calculated. Mobile clinics cost more per facility, produced more CYPs but had fewer FP visits. Sensitivity analysis was done using: total costs, CYP and FP visits of mobile and static clinics and showed that variations in CYP of mobile and static clinics altered the ICER for CYP from $2 -$6. Mobile clinics with their high emphasis on IUDs offer a reasonable cost effectiveness of $4.46 per additional CYP compared to static clinics. The ability of mobile clinics to reach more vulnerable women and to offer more long acting methods might affect a policy decision between these options. Static clinics should consider whether emphasizing IUDs may make their services more cost-effective. (Afr J Reprod Health 2017; 21[1]: 30-38).

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