Exploring patterns and determinants of premarital sexual behaviour among Indonesian university students

Respati Wulandari, Aprianti Aprianti, Ayu Ashari, Dwi Eko Waluyo


This study is aimed to explore the patterns and determinants of premarital sexual behaviour among Indonesian university students. The research was conducted by online survey, a cross-sectional approach (530 students). Research variables include knowledge, attitudes, practices, and demographic variables. Data were analyzed descriptively, using the Chi-Square test, Fisher Exact Test, and logistic regression to investigate the factors associated with premarital practices. The average age of respondents is 19 years old, with a small portion exposed to pornography. The primary source of pornography exposure is online, with the majority of respondents having good knowledge. Half of the respondents have a positive attitude towards reproductive health. A small portion of respondents have engaged in premarital sex, without using condoms, and have changed partners. In addition, exposure to pornography was significantly associated with premarital sexual practice (p=0.000). Collaboration among stakeholders (university, NGOs, lecturers, and students) is needed to enhance students' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding reproductive health to prevent premarital sexual practices among university students.

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