Does quality matter? An analysis of two-family planning delivery models on quality of care and client satisfaction of services provided in the private sector in Kajiado County, Kenya

Milka Choge, Timothy Abuya, Kenneth Ngure, Elizabeth Echoka


There is evidence that good quality family planning (FP) services increases utilization. This was a facility-based mixed-method to compare the quality of care in the social franchised and non-franchised private health facilities in Kajiado County, Kenya. Quantitative data were collected from 586 FP clients’ exit interviews and a facility inventory in 32 health facilities. Additionally, qualitative interviews were conducted with FP users and providers. The outcome variable was client satisfaction. Logistic regression findings show that clients in a social franchise were 2.2 times more satisfied than a non-franchise facility(p=0.03). Social franchises had higher numbers of trained providers on FP (p=0.019) and low contraceptive stock-outs. The satisfied clients had shorter waiting time (p=0.002) and clients with high school education were less likely to be satisfied (Adjusted Odds Ratio = 0.44, p=0.001). Improving contraceptives availability, health provider training and reducing clients’ waiting time will increase client satisfaction and thus increase FP use. (Afr J Reprod Health 2021; 25[5]: 49-60).

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