Chronic Administration of Monosodium Glutamate Induces Oligozoospermia and Glycoen Accumulation in Wistar Rat Testes

Joseph U.E Onakewhor, Israel A.O. Oforofuo, Sarrjit P. Singh


The effect of monosodium glutamate (MSG) on spermatogenic and non spermatogenic cells was investi- in 30 Wistar rats. MSG caused significant oligozoospermia and increasing abnormal sperm morphology in a dose-dependent fashion in the treated rats. MSG-induced oligozoospermia, in turn, resulted in glycogen deposition in testicular interstitial space. The glycogen accumulation probably resulted from under-utilisation by the few available sperm cells, or from inhibition by MSG of glycogen phosphorylase activity, which is involved in glycogen metabolism. Chronic ingestion of large doses of MSG has serious implications for fertility of male rats. (Afr I Rep rod Health 1998;2(2): 190—197)

KEY WORDS: Monosodium glutamate, food additive, cytotoxicity, oligozoospermia

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