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Revue Africaine de Sant� de la Reproduction

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African Journal Reproductive Health

Volume 15 No 1 March 2011

Table of Contents





Impact of Reproductive Health on Socio-economic Development: A Case Study of Nigeria       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



JIB Adinma and ED Adinma








Abortion and Contraceptive Use in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Women Plan Their Families       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Don Lauro





Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination for Control of Cervical Cancer: A Challenge for Developing Countries       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



FA Bello, OO Enabor and IF Adewole






31 Health Providers’ Perception towards Safe Abortion Service at Selected Health Facilities in Addis Ababa       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Jemila Abdi and Mulugeta B Gebremariam





Exploring Contraceptive Knowledge and Use among Women Experiencing Induced Abortion in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Adriana AE Biney





Attitudes and Experiences of Women Admitted to Hospital with Abortion Complications in Ghana       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Patience Aniteye and Susannah Mayhew





HIV/AIDS Related Knowledge and Perceived Risk Associated with Condom Use among Adolescents in Uganda       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Simon P Kayiki and Renata Forste





A Study of the Use of Primolut N Tablet as a Contraceptive in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Henry S Opare-Addo, Patrick K Britwum and George A O Ampong





Barriers to Adoption of Family Planning among Women in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo        Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Jeff K Mathe, Kennedy K Kasonia and Andre K Maliro





Successful Sex Pre-selection using Natural Family Planning        Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Léonie McSweeney





Traditional Practices and Medicinal Plants Use during Pregnancy by Anyi-Ndenye Women (Eastern Côte d'Ivoire)       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Djah F Malan and Danho FR Neuba





Sterility and Stigma in an Era of HIV/AIDS: Narratives of Risk Assessment among Men and Women in Botswana       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Rebecca L Upton and Edward Ms Dolan





Quarter of a Century of Female Sterilization in Jos, Central Nigeria       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Josiah T Mutihir and DD Nyango





Histopathological Types of Breast Cancer in Gombe, North Eastern Nigeria: A Seven-Year Review       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



AM Dauda, MA Misauno and EO Ojo





Educational Needs and Causes of False Diagnosis of Atypical Squamous Cells of Unknown Significance at a University Hospital       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Neeta Kumar, Shahin Sayed and Zahir Moloo







Intestinal Obstruction due to Bilateral Ovarian Cystic Teratoma in a Pregnant Woman: Report of a Case       Abstract | Full-text (PDF)



Victor J Ekanem, Duncan O Umukoro and Gabriel Igberase

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