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Afr J Reprod Health, December 2009; 13(4)

Table of Contents


Guest Lecture


Ethics, Bio-Ethics and Environment in Healing Designs       HTML || PDF

Wole Soyinka


Original Research Articles


Hypertension in Pregnancy among HIV-Infected women in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prevalence and Infant Outcomes      Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Kilewo C, Natchu UCM, Young A, Donnell D, Brown E, Read JS, Sharma U, Chi BH, Goldenberg R., Hoffman I, Taha TE, Fawzi WW


Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge, Behaviour and Education Needs of In-School Adolescents in Northern Nigeria    Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Adeokun LA, Ricketts OL, Ajuwon AJ, Ladipo OA


Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Study on Reproductive Health among Secondary School Students in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana      Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Rondini S, Krugu JK


Maternal Mortality in a Transitional Hospital in Enugu, South-East Nigeria          Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Ezugwu EC, Onah HE, Ezugwu FO, Okafor II


Barriers to Sustainable MVA Supply in Ghana: Challenges for the Low-Income Providers           Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Graff M, Amoyaw DA


Coping Strategies of Women Seeking Infertility Treatment in Southern Ghana          Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Donkor ES, Sandall J     


Safety Studies of Recently Developed Microbicidal Contraceptive Gel (UniPron) in Female Baboons (Papio Anubis)         Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Mburu N, Obiero JA, Waititu K, Mwaura BN, Orawo JO, Farah IO, Mwethera PG


Sterilization by Minilaparotomy in South-Eastern Nigeria      Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Nwogu-Ikojo EE, Ezegwui HU, Nweze SO


Teenagers’ Views on Adolescent Pregnancies in Eastern Uganda       Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Sekiwunga R, Whyte SR


Female Children with Ambiguous Genitalia in Awareness-Poor Sub region        Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Osifo DO, Awusan TI


Estimating the Impact of Birth Control on Fertility Rate in Sub-Saharan Africa        Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Ijaiya GT, Raheem UA, Olatinwo AO, Ijaiya Munir-Deen A, Ijaiya Mukaila A      


Case Reports


Uncommon Cause of Acute Pelvic Pain: Isolated Torsion of Hydrosalpinx        Abstract || Full-text (PDF)

Ait Benkaddour Y, Bennani R, Aboulfalah A, Abbassi H

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